China MEMS –International MEMS and Transducers Exhibition

Time:28th-30th October, 2020

Address:Suzhou International Expo Center

Exhibition Introduction


MEMS, short for Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems, is a cutting-edge technology of the 21th century that has grown out of the development of semiconductor micro fabrication technology and ultra-precision machining technology. As the technology develops and the industry matures, MEMS as a basic manufacturing technique and concept has infiltrated into every corner and aspect of high-tech fields and products. In the fields of consumer electronics, Internet of Things, petroleum prospecting and extracting, environment monitoring, healthcare, biochemistry, auto industry, aerospace and national security, etc., MEMS has a huge market demand and China has a strong need for developing this technology independently.

As China's most professional, well-known and authentic MEMS exhibition, CHINA MEMS2019 achieved great success. Most audiences were engaged in the fields of semiconductors, automobiles, electronics manufacturing, consumer electronics, military industry, aerospace, sensors, Internet of Things, etc. The conference attracted the professional audiences came from 30 countries and regions. Meanwhile, the World-famous MEMS application and manufacturing contractors, equipment manufacturers, MEMS key lab experts and 863 Project MEMS experts have attended this exhibition and high-level workshop.

We expect more companies coming to our exhibition and workshops to not only showcase their company image but also establish collaboration and communicate with others and seek partners and opportunities. Meanwhile, we will work hard to bring your company a great success through this event!



Exhibit scope

Audience organization


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