Exhibition Introduction

After ten years hard working, CHInano® has become China's largest and most influential nanotechnology application industry exchange event, and we create the best scenario for nanotechnology corporate image display, product promotion, technical exchange and market expansion.

CHInano 2019 organized 1 plenary speech and 16 theme sessions, 530 industry reports, and invited a total of 23 academicians at home and abroad. CHInano 2019 set up 18,000 ㎡exhibition area, attracting 8 domestic and foreign delegations, 27 countries, and more than 1,600 nanotechnology companies to join the exhibition. The total number of visitors was 16,008 during the event, which has reached a record high.

CHInano 2020, the 11th China International Nanotechnology Industry Expo will be held from 28th October to 30th October 2020 at Suzhou International Expo Center. We will host 14 forums and 20,000 square meter exhibition area. It is expected that 20,000 professional visitors will attend. This event will cover new nanomaterials, MEMS and micro-nano manufacturing, sensor components, advanced semiconductors, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, nanotechnology applications, nano-health and other fields.

Venue: Hall A, B, C of Suzhou International Expo Center (No. 688, Suzhou Avenue East, Suzhou Industrial Park)

Conference Schedule

Venue: Hall A, B, C of Suzhou International Expo Center
(No. 688, Suzhou Avenue East, Suzhou Industrial Park)

Exhibition schedule

Venue: Hall A, B, C of Suzhou International Expo Center (No. 688, Suzhou Avenue East, Suzhou Industrial Park)

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Exhibitor Service

Special decoration booth
Customs Declaration and Shipment
Special decoration booth

Jiangsu Heima International Exhibition CO., Ltd.

Heima International Exhibition CO., Ltd. has the first-class qualification presented by China Exhibition Association and is listed as the second batch of key exhibition contact enterprises by the Ministry of Commerce.

  • Tel:0512-66666166
  • website:www.heama-expo.com
  • E-mail:info@heama-expo.com
  • Adress:Room 1707, Zhongxin Building, 15 Yueliangwan, Suzhou Industrial Park
  • Contact Person:Feng Zhou 86-18662309176
Customs Declaration and Shipment

In order to guarantee the exhibitor's booth decoration, we provide professional exhibition decoration and freight forwarding companies to serve you.

Shanghai Zhanyi Logistics Co., Ltd.

  • Tel:86-21-62307329/62592781
  • website:
  • E-mail:zhanyi_logistics@163.com
  • Adress:Room 501, No. 158, Tianshan Road, Changning District, Shanghai
  • Contact Person:Sun Han 86-13311929182

According to relevant regulations of the Chinese government, foreigners visiting China for business purposes must provide an invitation letter from the Chinese inviting unit or a visa notification letter from the authorized unit when applying for a business visa. Exhibitors and visitors who need an invitation letter to apply for a Chinese visa can come to contact us.

Shanghai Zhuoge Exhibition Service CO., Ltd

  • Tel:86-21-56010210
  • website:
  • E-mail:ly@chinanosz.com
  • Adress:Room 1524, No. 3888, ***ai Road, Shanghai
  • Contact Person:86-21-56010210 Yang Li



  • How to get to Suzhou?
    From Pudong International Airport

    High-speed train/Bullet train

    Take Metro Line 2 from Pudong International Airport, get off at GuangLan Road Stop, change to the opposite Metro Line 2 that heads to the opposite direction (towards XuJingDong) and then get off at Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station. The whole trip takes about 100 minutes;

    Take the high-speed train or bullet train from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station to Suzhou. The train ride takes about 25 minutes;

    Learn more details about transportation options
  • How to arrive at Suzhou International Expo Centre?
    From Suzhou North Railway Station

    20km away from the Suzhou International Expo Centre; Take Subway Line 2 and transfer to Subway Line 1 at the GuangjiNanlu station to Suzhou Cultural Exhibition Center station;

    Learn more details about transportation options


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