Conference Introduction

After 11 years of development, "China International Nanotechnology Industry Expo" (English: CHInano Conference & Expo, referred to as "CHInano®") has gathered a number of micro-nano manufacturing, nano new materials, biomedicine, energy and environmental protection and other fields forum partners to invite industry leaders, famous scholars and top representatives of government and enterprises from all over the world to share the latest scientific and technological achievements, cutting-edge information and development trends, and also actively on product promotion, capital cooperation and technical exchanges.

CHInano 2019 organized 1 plenary speech and 16 theme sessions, 530 industry reports, and invited a total of 23 academicians at home and abroad. CHInano 2019 set up 18,000 ㎡exhibition area, attracting 8 domestic and foreign delegations, 27 countries, and more than 1,600 nanotechnology companies to join the exhibition. The total number of visitors was 16,008 during the event, which has reached a record high.

CHInano 2020 is composed of conference and exhibition. The meeting included a plenary speech and relevant sub-sessions, in which the plenary speech consisted of 4 thematic reports from 4 developed countries in the nanotechnology industry. In addition, CHInano also set up various enterprises matching meetings, focused on the latest technological achievements and industrialization trends on micro-nano manufacturing, advanced semiconductors and nano-new materials. We celebrate one nanotechnology main theme exhibition, China International Micro-nano Manufacturing and Sensor exhibition, the advanced semiconductor and application exhibition, flexible and printed electronics exhibition, etc. The cumulative exhibition area reaches 20,000 square meters, and more than 1,000 nanotechnology-related companies are expected to participate in.

CHInano2020 has invited more than 500 experts in the field of nanotechnology from 10 countries and regions, attracting about 3000 attendees from well-known enterprises, institutions, universities and scientific research institutes from all over the world. We believe that this event will be your ideal place to find partners, investors, suppliers and buyers.

Plenary Speech

Plenary Speech

After 11 years of cultivation and development, China International Nanotechnology Industry Expo has become China's largest and most influential nanotechnology industry exchange event, and has been widely recognized and actively participated by the world's nano-powers. As the most significant part of previous events, the plenary speech attracted the participation of top scientists and industry leaders from all over the world.

Time:Date: 28rd October, 2020

Address:Venue: Hall A, Suzhou International Expo Center

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