Activities of CHInano 2020


Address:Suzhou International Expo Center Hall A1&B1&C1

Entrepreneurship Competition

2020 China MEMS Start-up Competition

The 2020 China MEMS Start-up Competition will be held concurrently with the joint force of domestic and foreign MEMS platforms and institutional investors of the MEMS field.

Setup of the competition:

2020 China MEMS Industry's Most Valuable Award

2020 China MEMS Industry's Product Innovation Award

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The aim of this competition is to select a number of excellent start-up companies and projects and facilitate them in such manner that they get market recognition faster in order to realize leapfrog development.

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Product Roadshow Conference

Product Launch

By virtue of the massive audience and the reputation of CHInano, the enterprises not only get to showcase their business image but also get more market exposure. By far, new products of more than 60 companies have been released successfully through product launches and multiple business collaborations reached. The product launch has multiple forms of publicity, such as new product release, cooperation signing ceremony, onsite inauguration, etc. This year’s CHInano will offer 12 product launch opportunities subject to availability; for more details, please get in contact with the Organizing Committee.


Publishing of the 2020 MEMS Manufacturing Industry Report

The 2020 MEMS Manufacturing Industry Report will be published to the entire MEMS industry across the globe by the MEMS Branch of China Semiconductor Industry Association together with China Center for Information Industry Development (CCID). With focus on the industrial chain of MEMS manufacturing, it will publicize the capacity, techniques, product types and collaboration between upstream and downstream of the participating companies.


Establishment of Micro-Nano Manufacturing Association

Nanopolis Suzhou and MEMSRIGHT have joined hands with the nano manufacturing platform of Suzhou Institute of Nano-tech and Nano-bionics (SINANO), Chinese Academy of Sciences and more than fifty micro-nano scientific research platforms and design companies to establish Micro-Nano Manufacturing Association, which will be officially open during the period of CHInano. The association will be endeavored to resolve the pain spots faced by colleges and scientific research institutes during platform operation and maintenance, equipment procurement and plant facility operation, etc.

MEMS Night

The Night of MEMS Manufacturing

'The Night of MEMS Manufacturing' is a yearly held grand gathering of the MEMS industry that brings together CEOs and CTOs of companies involved in MEMS manufacturing, test, design and application as well as government officials, association delegates and MEMS institutional investors at Jinji Lake. It serves as a high-end platform for business collaboration. The Night of MEMS Manufacturing is open to 30 guests by invitation only. 

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